Manuel Antonio Hotel Si Como No is your home away from home!

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Your comfort is our goal. We have created a restful retreat that you can think of as your home away from home when you’re in the area. We offer services for any traveler, whether you’re on business or your journey is for pleasure. When you plan your visit, consider us for your stay.

Our Rooms

We are conveniently located, and our rooms feature beautiful décor and all the amenities you could need. We have made it easy and safe to reserve and pay online - contact us now!

 If you are browsing for a relaxed and luxurious place in Costa Rica, Sicomono might be your best choice. Sicomono has set the bar very high when it comes to ecological lodging in Costa Rica, this resort is unique in it's kind not only because of that, but because of the wide selection of treatments it provides.

There's one thing that a large number of Manuel Antonio Hotels share, and that is how they link with nature as a whole, this is something crucial because of how the location really is and the focus it has with nature due to the well-known national park.. A Manuel Antonio resort like Si Como No has successfully accomplished this by bonding with nature in a form that you can feel it right alongside you, ever since it was made that was the primary mission of this resort.

Eco-friendly inns are very few, although Sicomono is for sure the one that has change the bar the highest it has constantly been since the very minute of it's fabrication, only one tree was cut down during the course of the full process, which was quickly replaced right after. 

Experiencing the view of the unique beach that Manuel Antonio is from the mountains up top, Sicomono rests there comfortably, without losing any convenience either because it's situated just in a wonderful spot to make it quite easily to get to the beach in no time at all.

While giving you all of the services needed like internet, specific foods, etc., Sicomono provides an incredible sense of comfort and privacy, this is because of it's surroundings, which are practically nothing but nature all over, you can truly feel in balance with the surroundings in no place other than Sicomono. All the suites are deluxe but they also have some further luxury ones like the honey-moon suite which is perfect for spending your time right after being a part of some of the best Costa Rica Weddings.

As Soon As you initiate getting closer to the lodge you'll experience this excellent experience of connecting with nature, this lodge has it all basically, that's what makes it different. Water is reused, most of the electricity comes from solar panes. The Manuel Antonio Hotel of Sicomono fights versus the giants world-wide whenever it comes to sustainability lodging, this hotel has showed it's results and connection with nature, this has set the bar really high for local resorts and even country-wide hotels.

The resort itself has some amazing trips and excursions that you may experience, like zip-lining, canopy, night-walks in the environment, horseback-riding and swimming in a waterfall, all of this being different because they are specific excursions from the resorts by itself. You can even walk down to the ocean and the national park of Manuel Antonio, I offer you this will be an experience you'll never ignore.

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Our Staff

Our friendly and helpful staff will make sure you have a comfortable and enjoyable stay. This is our home, and it's our mission to help you feel at home too!

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